Nonfinancial Services

Sanadcom provides a group of non-financial services to its existed clients in a various fields its basic objective is supporting and enabling the clients financially and administratively together with transferring them to advanced phase in their field of business.


Nonfinancial Services include the following


Training courses in marketing

Sanadcom provides training courses in the field of marketing aiming to assist clients to marketing their products and services to a possible greater segment.


Rewards program

Sanadcom competition for SMEs of the existed clients only will be launched, as it shall cover the following three main groups:

  • Best existed establishment
  • Best establishment run by a businesswoman
  • Best growth entrepreneur establishment


Social Events for Business Development

Sanadcom shall convene periodical meetings between its clients in the different business fields in order to creating a common cooperative environment amongst the clients and assisting them to enforce their relationships for the objective to develop and expand their business.


Consultancies in Accounting

Sanadcom shall provide its clients with accounting services through the appointment of an approved accountant in the company, his duty shall organize the financial issues of clients' accounts to facilitate the process of returns and expenditures controls to increase the profits of clients' projects.


Companies registration and licensing

It provides this service to the companies and projects that are going to have funding but they lack a commercial register and occupational license, as we work with an approved advocate office to facilitate and ease the registration procedures so as to enable you to obtain the required financing.