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About Sanadcom

Sanadcom for business finance is one of Jordan’s leading private sector SME lenders, founded in 2014 by GMS Holdings, Sanad Fund (Germany), Women’s World Banking (New York), and Microfund for Women to promote economic growth and employment by addressing the unmet financing needs of the “missing middle” of SME’s that are neither served by microfinance institutions nor by commercial banks.

SME’s have unique requirements of fast turnaround; thorough cash-flow based lending and non-financial services in order to grow. This segment is normally a major employer in economies, and in Jordan, like in many countries, it remains underserved (7 billion JD’s unmet demand – according the Frankfurt School Study conducted in 2014), limiting these companies from growing, creating employment and economic growth.

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Our Vision

Sanadcom’s vision is that all SMEs in Jordan – not just the largest -- receive the financial support they deserve.  SMEs play a significant role in Jordan’s economy & employment. Smaller, semi-formal, and women-owned SMEs, positively impact economic and social development, raising the standard of living across Jordan and providing employment for all social classes, including women and youth.   They too deserve access to finance and business development services in order to thrive and contribute to Jordan’s future to their full potential.


Our Mission

Sanadcom’s mission is to address the market gap for financial and business development services for smaller, semi-formal and women-owned SMEs as the leader in outreach and specialized, customer-centered lending capabilities that enable it to deliver fast, innovative and convenient credit to its target SME clients. 

Since inception, Sanadcom has achieved significant success in terms of building out an institutional base and increasing out-reach. Through the end of 2019 the company has:

Disbursed over : 1,000 loans
Loan size is between 10,000 JOD and 75,000 JOD
with a maximum tenor of 60 months

Total loan amount disbursed from 2016 till the end of 2020 to over 48 million distributed to 700 clients, for an average loan size of about JOD 23,000 and an average maturity – at disbursement – of close to 14 months.

Head office in Amman covers the following areas:

Amman Governorate

Zarqa Governorate

Balqa Governorate

Madaba Governorate

Irbid Branch covers the following areas:

Irbid Governorate

Ajloun Governorate

Jerash Governorate

Mafraq Governorate

Ramtha city


Sanadcom offers non-financial services including:

  • ·Training courses in marketing and accounting
  • ·Training courses in marketing and accounting
  • ·Training courses in marketing and accounting

Our Values

Market Leadership
Sanadcom is a market leader and innovative partner that adapt to its customers' needs.

Customer Centricity
Customers come first and Sanadcom serves them with the greatest respect,integrity,transparency,speed,and best-in-class customer service.

Leadership & innovation
Sanadcom recognizes its staff as stars and change makers and is committed to providing a growth environment that promotes leadership and initiative, innovation, respect and accountability, and teamwork.
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Our Team

Board Members:

-Mr. Ghiath Sukhtian / Chairman GMS Holdings.

-Mr. Klaus Maurer / Vice Chairman Finance in Motion-Sanad Fund.

-Mrs. Muna Sukhtian / Director MfW.

-Mrs. Christina (CJ) Juhasz / Director Women's World Banking.

-Mrs. Salwa Khatkhuda / Director Independent Member.
Executive management:

-Chief Executive Officer : Mr. Fadi Amireh

-Chief Finance Officer : Mrs. Rana Hamdan

-Marketing and Operation Manager : Mr. Fadi Dababneh

-Head of Risk : Mr. Bashar Shaer

-Internal Audit Manager: Ra’ad Obeida